Support Tahir Jamil as a member in the Parliament (Senate, National, Provincial assembly) on sound reasons
My services are available for all countries especially for United States of America (USA), Britain (UK), Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), India and other civilized countries.
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Tahir Jamil Name: Tahir Jamil s/o Late Jamil Ahmad
National Identity Card (N.I.C) No: 61101-1968556-1
Qualification: M.Sc. (First Class), B.Sc. (First Division) [100 percent Pakistan government university verified degrees]
Mobile Numbers: +92-300-4880490, 0312-6891000, 0343-1559919
Address: 12-A, Tajpura Scheme, Lahore, Pakistan. (Living on Rent)

My manifesto is based on people’s own needs. I do not want to benefit special sector of society e.g. benefit only government servants by raising salaries, which constitute 5-10 percent of population or providing jobs to specific limited numbers of favorite people. My aim is to take such measures which benefit overall population. I promise to diminish sales tax and other taxes, decrease prices of gas, petrol diesel and electricity and to decrease general price hike especially of food items and decreasing housing and house rent expenses. These measure will prosper general masses and make common man’s life easy.

If we review practice of democracy in many countries, we see that it is just democracy by name. Observe widespread factor of nepotism, a practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs or political leadership. Situation is so bad that no new person can get into the system despite continuous efforts for decades until he or she has any or some relatives inside. Same people come to assemblies or their children, spouse or other relatives. Democracy has turned hereditary family rule where son replace father. Same or similar type of nepotism exist for getting jobs in government departments and military service. There are employee’s children quota of government posts or seats. USA government service rules provide sufficient marks or weightage to nepotism for their job selection criteria. Other than this specific quotas, there is widespread favoritism to make it almost impossible for any outsider to get any post. Therefore, only specific families inherit these lucrative jobs.

I do not mind whatever party wins in fair elections but these political parties should include deprived and underprivileged people from general masses of Pakistan. I am not against these leaders or declaring them corrupt but indicating political pattern in Pakistan. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was Prime Minister then her daughter Benazir Bhutto became Prime Minister twice then her husband Asif Ali Zardari became President. Now his son Bilawal Zardari is PPP chairperson. Similarly, Mian Nawaz Sharif was Prime Minister twice and now got his third term. His brother Mian Shahbaz Sharif became Chief Minister twice. See examples of inherited leaders like Bilawal Zardari, Hamza Shahbaz, children and relatives of many other politicians and member national assembly and senate who belongs from same families or their relatives. Same situation exist in civil and military bureaucracy. You cannot get in unless you have some support inside.

There should be seats for the poor, intellectuals, writers and genius people who could resolve issues i.e. people like me who could reach to assemblies on specials seats as of for women in Pakistan who reach to assemblies without contesting elections on the recommendation of political parties. Here I am writing whole truth or my point of view by using my rights of freedom of expression and have your say although I am scared because Pakistan is a country where a large numbers of journalist were killed due to writing truth.

How intellectuals, writers and anchors win election? What is the benefit of democracy where only rich people can afford to contest elections? Most of the people become loyal when we spend money on them. We cannot win unless we live in people all day fighting and pledging. Surely, money is primary factor in winning elections. How to convince party leaders for party tickets without giving them huge donation?

I have mentioned all of my services and working for the welfare and betterment of Pakistan and people at large. Given the situation, I have made it clear that people like us cannot win elections under existing state of affairs. So, I will join any political party if leader of that political party provide me written confirmation for my future upcoming selection as a Senator or let me win confirm seat in the parliament with their support. Then people will see that I will prove my abilities in the parliament.

I request political leaders around the world to approve my nomination as a member of parliament. There is increasing demand of dynamic leadership from middle-class. Your party will be greatly benefited from my policies, ideas and suggestion. I can play vital role in the development of progress of the country. It is due to my wide-spread understanding. I have wide ranging, diverse and versatile skills. I am completely corruption free, honest and trusted man. I always keep my words once I make commitment or sign any agreement. My interaction with wide sector of society over internet including Facebook and other major websites combined with my writing skills will greatly benefit your party. I have wide ranging, diverse and versatile knowledge and skills. Welfare of families and people is the cornerstone of my politics. I am very intuitive, talented and creative. I quickly understand issues and problems and develop quick solutions. So, I am dynamic and revolutionary man full of courage and determination. My knowledge and understanding spread across all issues and problems within Pakistan and around the world. You can imagine my intelligence by this that on media or at any other forum I can discuss issues with top level secretaries, policy makers and technocrats and I can carry my point. Since I am technocrat, writer, thinker and intellectual so please nominate me as a Senator. Your selection would be considered purely on merit and it would be appreciated worldwide. I am waiting for call for appointment with any righteous party leaders. I promise to donate half of my Salary throughout my tenure as a Senator to any suggested charity or fund for the welfare of people and the country as suggested by party leaders. I am ready to sign written agreement for this purpose.

►It is said that only few specific families in Pakistan reaches to national assembly and Pakistan senate. Only members of few hundred families ever reached to national assembly and senate of Pakistan. I represent middle class in Pakistan which is ignored badly. I myself witnessed and suffered poverty, deprivation and exploitation in Pakistan. I lived in common people in Pakistan and I know their difficulties. I also represent women and many disadvantaged, deprived and minority classes in Pakistan

►I have scattered support within the country and worldwide. This type of democracy in Pakistan and majority of countries has no solution for scattered support across the country or even worldwide support. So, national level or international level personalities with scattered support cannot win elections unless they are given separate electorate like minorities in Pakistan enjoy.

►Pakistani Parliamentarians and high bureaucracy officials including Senators, Member National Assembly (MNA), Member Provincial Assembly (MPA), Nazims, secretaries and senior officers take very high salaries and allowances in Pakistan. Here I proudly announce that I will take only one fourth or 50 percent of the salaries or allowances entitled to these officials.

►I will work for the general prosperity of people. I will strive that every family in Pakistan, whether they are disabled, mental or dull, gets all necessaries of life (food, clothing, and home).

►Many government and other people told me that 90 percent of government employees take bribe (It is unverified statistics based upon people’s claims). Although it looks exaggeration yet it manifests level of corruption and distrust of people. Those Nazims, Member National Assembly MNA, Member Provincial Assembly MPA and Senators are considered honest who mis-manage 50 percent funds and spend 50 percent on development. I solemnly take oath that I will live on salary and I will not mismanage a single rupee from development funds.

►I enjoy diversified support which is spread not only across Pakistan but also spread around the world. I have support of people of different languages, religions, provinces and cities throughout Pakistan. I also enjoy support of different professions in Pakistan and around the world

►Due to my experience and skills I can compete and surpass many randomly selected officer of grade 19 or above. I know there are many who are more talented than me but I am better than majority of these officers. Including over all virtues and talents I can surpass 90 percent of such officers. I challenge to compete in 40 subjects and disciplines. Twenty subjects of my choice and 20 subjects of my challenger’s choice. I knew many such grade 18 and 19 scale officers who were well below than my knowledge and versatile skills. As far as members of parliament are concerned, only small numbers of members could compete me in knowledge, wisdom and skills. I am not praising myself in order to boost but I want to prove my skills and eligibility. Such diversified skills are very important for general positions like of President, Prime Minister, Ministers, Senators or Member National Assembly (MNA) or Member Provincial Assembly (MPA)

►I am part of coordinated global and national war against terrorism, extremism, violence and fundamentalism in Pakistan. I am also part of global initiative against corruption, jobbery and exploitations in Pakistan. My efforts improved crime control, law enforcement and dispensation of justice.

►I am highly educated having diverse knowledge of various professions including education, Information Technology, electronic governance, economics, health, international diplomacy, coordination, human rights and many other functioning’s of Pakistani ministries. Many authorities acknowledged my services for human rights awareness and implementations. Many told that we heard the name of human rights because of your articles.

►I like working independently and formulate policies and strategies. I have ability to understand and resolve issues. I am pleasant company provider and discuss issues of diverse interests for promoting solutions and introducing reforms. These are considered very important abilities for any senator or member national assembly in Pakistan.

►I never get any real benefit for my works for Pakistan and humanity so I think that I deserve seat in national assembly or senate of Pakistan. Throughout my life I suffered deprivation and exploitation in Pakistan. I did not get proper job for last sixteen years. I am self-made person. I suffered great business losses due to corruption and bad economy in Pakistan. We lost a large portion of our life time hard earned money. No compensation is ever provided to our family. I will get little compensation if I am selected member national assembly or senator in Pakistan.

►I have good links and working relations with Pakistan national and international institutions and organizations.

►Summary of my services is given below. These services are acknowledged by many great Pakistani and world leaders and distinguished personalities of Pakistan as well as distinguished personalities around the world.

►For last many years I have been serving the Pakistani nation and nations around the world, without any remuneration, by writing articles and suggesting important reforms. Many of my suggested measures were approved. In this way I performed complementary role in the overall governance, mass awareness and institutional reforms in Pakistan and around the world. I presented socio-economic and anti-corruption measures for ensuring transparency and justice in Pakistan. I presented a very good platform for economic, financial and property rights for general people in Pakistan and around the world especially for innocent endangered families. I wrote articles on international affairs, peace, co-existence, anti-terrorism, moderation, tolerance and ethics. I participated in the promotion of information technology and computer sciences in Pakistan and around the world.

►Local politics is very dirty in Pakistan especially here in Tajpura Scheme Lahore. Some political circles get jealous of my fame and popularity. They started worst type of propaganda against me. I suffered worst character assassination in the hands of blackmailers. It is known to be dirtiest immoral persecution in the history of Pakistan. If Pakistan had been a civilized country, its election commission would have declared me winner due to this type of persecution. I will request Pakistan election commission to declare me winner of any seat without a contest.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is strong Prime Minister with dominant majority. We have mixed feelings and hopes. New horizon and hopes! See if this new government could bring any change into our lives or we will continue to face same deprivation, poverty and persecution! PM should take bold political decisions unlike his lethargic and rigid predecessors. Some people laugh at me by saying that PM Nawaz Sharif and CM Shahbaz Sharif are also like all other traditional politicians but still we have hopes of any good opportunity which could change our lives. Anyhow it is what Pakistan is so hope for the best that Mian Nawaz Sharif will do some miracles in this term of PM. PML-N leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is very lucky politician who is ruling Pakistan for last 29 years off and on since the year 1985. Now 5 more years are added. Nawaz Sharif was appointed Chief Minister of Punjab by Zia in 1985. Let us complete this five years tenure to make the total to 34 years (off and on) of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif family rule since 1985. New horizon and hopes! See this new government will bring any change into our lives or same deprivation and torture! See there is kingdom type democracy in Pakistan. Democratic Republic of Pakistan is infect Royal Democratic Kingdom of Pakistan where members of few families can become Prime Minister or party leaders unlike other democratic countries where no President or Prime Minister can come to power more than once or twice.

I request leaders of major political parties in Pakistan to nominate and support me as a Senator in Pakistan Senate or Member National Assembly (MNA) or Member Provincial Assembly (MPA). Since I want to work for the betterment and welfare of Pakistan therefore I do not mind whether I join government or opposition in Pakistan. Thus all Pakistani political parties including Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz PML-N or PMLN, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf PTI, Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians PPPP or PPP, Muttahida Qaumi Movement MQM and Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam (F) or any other interested political party in Pakistan are requested to consider my candidature seriously. In my view Pakistan Election Commission should declare such talented candidates successful without contest for national consensus government.