Resume for seeking job. Hire a freelancer

My resume for seeking full time or part-time job or employment. Hire a freelancer. Need job for employers finding employee I need a job now as I am looking for a job for long so you find an employee in your employees search. I have added my resume for seeking full time or part-time job … Read more

Tahir Jamil Life History in Photographs

Tahir Jamil Life History in Photographs Family & Education Tahir Jamil life stuggle, history in photographs. Past education family, education & children. I prepared this web page due to my love & care for children and families. It is a symbol of protection of family and children rights, which are non-existent in many countries especially … Read more

Candidate for Member of Parliament, Senate, Assembly House

Support Tahir Jamil as Candidate for Member of Parliament, Senate, National Assembly, House of Representatives My services are available for all civilized countries. Please support me for the parliament (Senate, Congress, National Provincial assembly, House of Representatives) on sound explained reasons, my services for the country & humanity. I will greatly appreciate if any party … Read more

U.S. Pakistan relations & President Barack Obama government

U.S. Pakistan relations, United States of America USA Pak Diplomatic Relationship Barack Obama Administration Tenure During the hunt of Osama bin Laden, the founder of al-Qaeda, Pakistan was declared as frontline state as Al-Qaeda and Taliban’s territory. Still war is on. Pakistan is the most attacked country so Pakistan is the most dangerous country to … Read more

Appeal to government, Supreme Court, President, Prime Minister

My appeal to supreme court, president, prime Minister to seek help My appeal to government, supreme court, president, prime Minister, ombudsmen in Pakistan to seek help in getting back our money due to lifetime earning loss in Bahria Town plots residential scheme. This appeal is formally submitted to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, President Mamnoon … Read more

Long-term Stock Exchange Growth is Vital for Country Economy, Investment and investors

Long-term Stock Exchange Growth is Vital for Country Economy, Investment and investors One of my National Investment Unit Trust (NIUT) units purchase was at Rs. 68/unit and now its repurchase or redemption is at Rs. 65 per unit despite the passage of one year. So, you can see investors losses. This government managed fund managers … Read more

Unequal Distribution of Resources & Wealth: Employment and Posts

Luxury of officials and our shocking deprivation Pakistan proved dead end for us. It did not provide us equal opportunities. High posts and parliament seats are limited to specific thousands of families. Parties have become tolay (limited group of people) which benefit specific hundreds of families. Outsiders have no access to any resources of Pakistan. … Read more

Overcoming death: When death will finish

We should always remember that death is the worst enemy of human beings. Ironically, human beings spent much more time and money on destructive, comfort and convenience technologies than fighting death and disease. Death is such a horrible thing. I am among those people who want world community overcome death. There should be international agenda … Read more