Companies or individuals may also hire me as a freelancer for full time or part-time job. It is my proven record that I give more financial benefits to an individual, business or a company than what salary or compensation I get from them. I made it possible due to my wide-ranging all-in-one skills which cover expenses in many areas. It is said that good fellows can make life easier and happier but often people neglect or could not find good people in their lives. Please visit my websites and observe if any partnership or joint-venture is possible.
I myself design, develop and manage everything. I guide my team so they work under my supervision or I follow guidelines of our professionals.
If you relish loyalty, credibility, care, diverse wide-ranging knowledge, skills, and sheer talent then I am the right choice for you! I provide very reliable business and social services and partnership ensuring your privacy. All types of serious business or social partnership proposals will be considered and replied. Good job offers or joint venture partnerships will be mutually beneficial. I have very constructive way of life. I am open to friendship to all strangers if they are peaceful, civilized and caring. I believe in mutually beneficial business and social relationship. I love loving and polite people. I am compromising and flexible man, who accept rational thinking.
Qualification: M.Sc. (First Class), B.Sc. (First Division) [From internationally recognized government universities]
Verified copies of degrees, distinctions, acknowledgements, experience and other certificates are available to be sent by email, or hard genuine copies may be presented personally.
I have 22 years of experience after getting my Master Degree back in the year 1993. My work experience and skills are listed below.
Web design & development remains our major work. I designed, developed and maintained hundreds of websites. Many businesses sales increased and business failure changed into success. I guided my co-workers. I worked in all technologies, web applications, e-commerce systems, web-based programming languages, design applications and all types of content management systems. We worked for large corporations and small businesses. We provided user-friendly, responsive suitable to all screens including mobile phones and high performance websites. These websites are popular as these increase client’s income & sales. Complete details are provided on our website

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My role as an IT Manager
Being Computer and information systems managers, or information technology managers, I planned and sought for company’s technology needs and goals. I oversees information technology and computer-related activities. I managed team of professionals complete their technology projects. I let departments keep systems updated as per needs of modern technology. I managed professionals well as I am myself experts of many departments so such understanding help managers take right decisions. I hired and directed information technology and computer support personnel. I coordinated technology-related matters with top executives, planning upgrades of existing software or hardware. During meetings, we coordinated workflows, devised a security strategy, budgeted and finally purchased new software and hardware.
I let professionals install and upgrade an organization’s computer system and necessary software and protected the office network from hackers and malware. I kept all systems smoothly ensuring continuity of communication and kept software run smoothly.
Being an internet marketing manager, I devised plans for promoting products or services to certain people in certain places. I successfully managed and promoted star group garments, scrubs and uniforms to increase sales. We bring new items to make them a better fit for specific groups of customers.  We develop pricing strategies that help a company maximize sales. I not only managed paid advertising campaigns but also specialized geographic targeting of cities and countries. We used every aspect of internet and mobile communications to increase web traffic on sites of interest.
As a Business Operations Manager, I took critical decisions quickly. I guided my team, negotiated contracts, and addressed budget matters. I improved products presentation for better sales.
As a sales manager, I helped to achieve sales goals. Combining marketing and sales skills, we were able to identify new customers and target them.
As a Software Architect and Software Development Manager, I analyzed client’s needs and suggested such suitable software systems, which proved great success for businesses.  I guided team of developers and engineers to devise best suitable systems. Being a software developer, I setup many online and computer based software meeting client’s needs. Software are in all parts of our lives. Not just on your smartphone or computer, but in your car and inside your factory. Being a software quality assurance manager, I tested various software for reliability and performance and suggested best suitable software.
As a network and computer systems administrators, I ensured smoothly running websites and email servers. Thus managing organization’s work flow and keeping its lines of communication open. I ensured maximum up time for local area and wide area network and corrected problems swiftly and completely. Duties included updating all equipment and software to latest version. Another important aspect of the job is ensuring email and data storage networks work properly and employee workstations are connected to the central computer network. They also set up and maintain an organization’s computer servers and train new users on how to use relevant hardware and software. Some network and computer systems administrators also manage telecommunication networks so employees can work from home or on the road, which is becoming more and more important as new technologies allow employees to connect outside the office. As a computer systems analysts, we recommended computer hardware, software and operations systems to organizations. I worked as a liaison between the business side of an organization and the IT department.
Computer systems analysis is a mixture of information technology and business so my combined skills of understanding businesses and information technology helped me design better computer systems and processes for clients. My research background helped me find the best technologies to help the organization’s overall computer system – the hardware, the software and the networks.
As a database administrator I set up and maintained many types of databases including computer based and web-based to fit a company’s need. I worked on Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL, DB2, Microsoft Access, Cassandra, SQLite, Redis, and SAP Adaptive Server formerly Sybase ASE & Solr databases. On websites I worked on MySQL Community Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server Express, Oracle Express Edition and DB2 Express-C databases.
As a Database Developer and data scientist, I maintained, upgraded, modified and upgraded MySQL database. I ensured maximum up-time for the websites under our supervision.
As an Information Security Analyst Info Assurance Analyst, I ensured secure communications. I strongly believe in user’s privacy. I made sure that user’s emails and saved cloud data get easily available to them, while keeping it out of the reach of hackers. With so many companies thinking about how to stay secure, privacy and security are must needed growing demand. With the rise in hackers and data breaches sweeping throughout companies and the government, there’s a greater need to keep personal and top-secret information safe from cyber-attacks.
I installed and managed all top level security software. Monitored and investigated security defense and breaches. Focused on risk assessment, vulnerability assessment and defense planning.  Installed protections, such as firewalls and data encryption programs.  I also worked and managed double & triple firewalls for extremely enhanced security. I exclusively worked on Windows firewalls with advance security, configured rules and managed IP security settings on Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP operating systems.
It’s no secret that hackers are on the lookout for weaknesses in computer systems. It is crucial for businesses and companies to protect themselves. As an IT Security Consultant, we assess vulnerabilities in computer networks and provide solutions to make sure the system is as secure as possible.
As a market research analysts, I helped companies and clients figure their consumers and their trends. Research helped branding and selling products. We used many methodologies like groups, surveys and analysts research systems. Many advanced techniques were used like geo-fencing, which uses GPS or similar technology to find people around a business and deliver targeted advertisements to a customer’s phones or emails.
I prepared reports on sales trends, consumer demographics, needs and buying habits. I presented these findings to clients in an easy-to-understand way. This greatly helped clients and businesses increase their profitability and sales.
As an analytics manager, I configured, implemented and managed data analysis solutions and business intelligence tools. Such software use to analyze huge quantities of information gathered through various activities. As analytics is a subarea of statistics so my statistics and mathematics degrees provided me enhanced insight.
I have more than ten years of teaching experience. I have Master Degree equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities in these subjects:
Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, English, International Relationship, Politics and governance & Urdu.
Good knowledge of Health Care, Clinical Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy.
I also have experience of financial investment in stocks and real-estate. I can help you in the preparation of legal documents and right sector choice.
As I mentioned that I have diverse skills so even I can make any movie a great success by my acting, direction or marketing skills.
My political and social skills are mentioned in many articles on this website

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