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Freelance IT Professional, Website Designer, Business Promotion, Development & Branding Manager, Software & Database Engineer, Computer & Information Systems Manager, Freelance Journalist

Cover Letter:

I am working as Freelance IT Professional, Website Designer, Business Operations, Promotion, Development & Branding Manager, Software & Database Engineer, Computer & Information Systems Manager. Details are on 6aweb.com. Till the year 2018, I have 25 years of experience after Master Degree, composing 16 years of experience in IT field and 9 years in educational field. During these years I am also working as Social, Economic & Political Reforms Journalist. M.Sc. (First Class) 1993, B.Sc. (First Division)

I am available for full time, part-time job or contract job as a freelancer. I work as a freelancer or remote employee or contract worker for help in office work, long tasks, projects, research and day-to-day work for quick & timely completion. I have huge multi-dimensional experience & skills. I have long successful experience of working remotely for many companies & individuals. It is my proven record that I give more financial benefits to an individual, business or a company than what salary or compensation I get from them. I made it possible due to my wide-ranging all-in-one skills which cover expenses in many areas. I am available for partnership or joint-venture. I have worked for people of some countries. I believe in mutually beneficial business and social relationship so my employers or partners become more prosperous. I provide very reliable business and social services and partnership ensuring privacy.

Skills & Experience:
Web design & development remains my major work. I designed, developed and maintained hundreds of websites. I provided top quality high-tech website design, best eCommerce online shopping cart solutions. I worked in all web based technologies, web applications, e-commerce systems and all types of content management systems. I worked for large corporations and small businesses. I designed user & mobile friendly responsive website themes for many CMS systems like WordPress & Magento. These websites are popular as they increase client’s income & sales. Complete details are provided on our website http://6aweb.com
Being an internet marketing manager,

I promoted businesses in a particular city, country or around the world. I found many new clients for businesses and directed them to client’s websites, phone or stores. It also includes Facebook promotion or email marketing. Analytic tools examine gradual increase in visitors targeted to client’s business and needs.

As a Business Operations & Branding Manager, I took critical decisions quickly. I addressed budget matters and improved products presentation for better sales.
As a sales manager, I helped to achieve sales goals. Combining marketing and sales skills, we were able to identify new customers and increase productivity of client companies.
As a market research analysts, I helped companies and clients figure their consumers and their trends. Research helped branding and selling products. This greatly helped clients and businesses increase their profitability and sales.
As a Software Architect and Software Development Manager, I analyzed client’s needs and suggested best suitable software systems, which proved great success for businesses. Being a software developer, I setup many online and computer based software meeting client’s needs.
As a database administrator, I set up and maintained many types of databases including computer based and web-based to fit a company’s need. As a Database Developer and data scientist, I maintained, upgraded, modified and upgraded MySQL database. I ensured maximum up-time for the websites and running software.
Being a computer and information systems manager, I planned for company’s technology needs and goals. I helped departments keep systems updated as per needs of modern technology. I coordinated on technology-related matters with top executives and upgraded old software or hardware. Purchased new software and hardware for companies. I kept all systems work smoothly ensuring high performance and security.
As a network and computer systems administrator, I ensured smoothly running websites and email servers. I ensured that employees can work from home and setup new technologies allowing employees to connect outside the office.
As an Information Security Analyst, I ensured secure communications. I strongly believe in user’s privacy. I installed and managed all top-level security software. Installed protections, such as firewalls and data encryption programs. I exclusively worked on Windows firewalls and setup advance security up to latest Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 operating systems.
Huge Educational Experience: I provide online tuition, assignments, homework, projects & thesis timely completion services. We help students complete their school, college & university homework or classwork. I have Master Degree equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities in these subjects:
Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, English, International Relations, Politics and governance & Urdu. Good knowledge of Health Care, Clinical Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy.
As an investor, I have experience of financial investment in stocks and real-estate. I can help investors in the preparation of legal documents and invest in profitable stocks & business.
As a Sportsman, I have in-depth technical knowledge of international cricket. I can let country teams compete in international cricket & ICC World tournaments.
As an Artist, As I mentioned that I have diverse skills so I can make any movie, a great success by my acting, direction or marketing skills.
My political and social skills are mentioned in many articles on this website http://news.6aweb.com . These articles are copyrighted and original content. Legally, anyone is allowed to print my articles by giving my name and website URL

Facebook Profile: Facebook.com/PakistanUSA

Tahir Jamil Educational Degrees, Distinctions, Achievements, and Experience

Name: Tahir Jamil
Qualification: M.Sc. (First Class), B.Sc. (First Division) [From internationally recognized government university] Scanned copies of degrees, distinctions, experience and other certificates are available to be sent by email or in-person.
Experience: 25 years of World-wide experience after M.Sc. Degree
Contacts: Mobile, WhatsApp, imo Number: +92-312-6891000
Send e-mail: care@6aweb.com
National Identity Card (N.I.C) Number: 61101-1968556-1
Date of Birth: November 12, 1968 (50 Years)
Address: H/No: 2 St/No: 1 Chaman Park Mughalpura Lahore, Pakistan.