ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 & Twenty20 2016

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 & Twenty20 2016 Reviews Predictions Updates

This article is composed on my predictions of ICC cricket world cup 2015. All predictions were made beforehand of ICC cricket world cup 2015 schedule matches and reviews after the match. I have also added my comments regarding Twenty20 2016.
These are day to day updates I share on Facebook and on my website. These are chronological collection of daily tweets. Actually, I am self-employed person so I am looking forward to seek career as a cricket selector or coach in any emerging team including Pakistan. I am genius person. I have magical in-depth talent to tell strategy to win matches. I cannot tell everything free as I do not keep any post. However, I will prove my skills online during this world-cup.
ICC World Twenty20 2016: Once again Pakistani cricket team played like club team without any strategy. These are Pakistani cricket team series of defeats for last seven years. Pakistan has lost her honor as a great cricket playing nation. I have cricket genius brain. I know winning strategy. If Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif provide me good post in Pakistan Cricket Board for five years, I can take Pakistan cricket to next level! Try me and succeed!
It is fight for ultimate glory amongst cricket playing world nations. World-cup is so important that if any country win the world-cup and lose all test and one day international matches in proceeding years still people of the country will not mind much. All the world nations watch world-cup!

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Final: March 29, 2015. I congratulate Australian cricket team and nation on their convincing and well deserving winning of the world-cup. Aussies gave their 100 percent and did not let New Zealand show their skills. Australia proved too strong for all other teams. New Zealand team looked happy as reaching to the final is significant achievement. So, by the grace of God, all of my predictions proved true. It is convincing recorded evidence of my cricketing skills and I hope any great nation will hire my services for the brighter future of their team.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Final: March 29, 2015. My analysis at the start of the final. Australia cruising towards world cup victory. It was my prediction at the start of the world-cup and later stages. People ask how you know inevitable, the final destination. Frankly, I am not a magician but rather a Muggle. In the Harry Potter book series, a Muggle is a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born into the magical world.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 2nd Semi-Final: March 26, 2015. Australia scored 328 runs against India. Therefore, my predicted ranking proved the writing on the wall, recorded on my website and Facebook timeline https://www.facebook.com/freelancewebdesigning
Thus, Australia wins here cruising their way to the final of the world cup unless they bowl very badly.
Please note that I am not favoring or giving tips to any team. It is just what my expertise say.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 1st Semi-Final: March 24, 2015. New Zealand reached to the final after defeating South Africa in a nail-biting finish. See my recorded prediction proved true. It was great tough match. No one knew who would win. First time New Zealand get through to the finals of the Cricket World Cup.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 4th Quarter-Final: March 21, 2015. New Zealand big margin victory against West Indies.
Now my favorites ranking for world cup victory.

  1. Australia reason top quality bowling, batting, fielding final at home ground
  2. New Zealand reason superb batting and bowling form
  3. South Africa superb batting good bowling and fielding
  4. India reason balanced team, talent to upset any team on their day

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Quarterfinals: March 20, 2015. Australia comprehensively defeated Pakistan in a big world-cup gala. It was one-sided match. As I told earlier, Pakistani batsmen are traditionally weak for playing against genuine fast bowling. Pakistan track record of losing decisive matches is high. If Pakistan lose, Pakistani team should not play for a year to commemorate this defeat. If I become PCB chairman, I can let Pakistan win the next world cup. Australia is great cricketing nation. Some people think Aussies as a racist nation due to all White people representation. Actually, there is little black population in Australia.
I wonder Pakistani batsmen lack basic batting technique. Ahmed Shehzad cannot play good bowling off side off stump, must gives his edge catch behind the wicket. Sarfraz Ahmed stands two yards outside the popping crease making it 20 yards pitch. Captain Misbah-ul-Haq was sweeping offside off stump delivery for six on leg side. Shahid Afridi gave catch on boundary for more than hundred times during his career. See how solidly Steve Smith and Maxwell played. They made no mistakes.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Quarterfinals: March 18, 2015. South Africa badly thrashed Sri Lanka. South Africa dominated this one sided match. World-cup history tell that any team batting first gets big advantage but South Africa proved that fresh team bowling first could strike hard to make big early inroads.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: March 15, 2015. Pakistan defeated Ireland and secured it’s place in the Quarter-finals. Pakistan will play Australia on March 20, 2015 in the Quarter Final at Adelaide. Sarfraz Ahmed proved best Pakistani batsman. How Pakistan could defeat strong Australian team? Pakistan could win if they bat, bowl, catch and run out perfectly. Catches win matches! Pakistan is traditionally weak against genuine fast bowling. Therefore, they need to watch out Australian pace attack. Other interesting Quarterfinals phase starting from March 18, 2015.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: March 9, 2015, Bangladesh defeated England. England, the pioneer nation of cricket is knocked out of the World Cup. England may play better as a Britain or United Kingdom, the UK by making combined team of England, Scotland and Ireland. Successful examples are huge area and population of India and Australia.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: March 8, 2015, Australia defeated Sri Lanka. What a tough and fit guys. With present form, Australia is my favorites to win the world-cup.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: March 7, 2015, Pakistan defeated South Africa. As per my tip yesterday, recorded online, sharp bouncer did the trick against invincible AB de Villiers. Now Pakistan has become one of the strong contenders to win the world-cup. Change of bowling was as done as I suggested. However, still team need guidance to win big matches. Sarfaraz Ahmed proved key player for Pakistani victory.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: March 6, 2015, India defeated West Indies. Now India is one of the strong contenders to win the world-cup. Now I give a free tip to win matches. Tricky match winning delivery of this world-cup is sharp bouncer. All great players get out on this type of delivery during this world-cup. Try it and pray for my blessing.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Big match today between Pakistan & India
Pakistan cannot afford to lose as they already lost five matches against India during past world cups. If Pakistan lose sixth match then they will become laughingstock for Indians.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Full Fee Refund Promotional Offer for the World Cup Winner Nation
We offer full fee refund for any employer/client who will hire our web design & business web solution services provided on the website http://6aweb.com during the world-cup before semi-finals. If hirer’s country wins the world cup, we will refund full fee. Hirer should mention only one country of his/her interest. It is my solemn promise. Offer is applicable to all world-cup playing countries and from any country of the world who will select his/her favorite country. Country names include England, South Africa, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Afghanistan, Scotland, United Arab Emirates
Pakistan India one-sided match was very disappointing. Even I can play better cricket in the age of 46. It was no contest. India outclassed Pakistani team in every department. Pakistani strategy was like club cricket team. I wonder why umpires did not notice Indian negative bowling, the bouncers at the end of the match. Misbah-ul-Haq was fantastic but he still do not know how to keep strike. Learn it from Javed Miadad and Imran Khan.
Cricket is craze for Indians and Pakistanis yet it has no importance in real life difficulties. I would not mind even if Pakistan lose all matches but poverty and torture we face really hurt us.
There is lot of fight on Pakistani TV media on Pakistani cricket team defeat against India. I have in-depth understanding of cricket. Although I did not play more than club or college cricket but no bowler ever been able to take my wicket once I start defensive shots. I was straight sixes hitter on big swing of bat. I often use to hit three consecutive sixes in first over. However, I always give top priority to my studies and kept cricket as my hobby. I watch that match and noted that strategy was wrong. Instead of defensive game as advised by Pakistani experts, players should have gone for their natural game. Passing two maiden overs mean 48 overs match instead of 50. Why Misbah-ul-Haq failed to win single-handed while he was in best form. Remember Australian cricketer Steve Waugh won numerous matches single handed by his batting. He was amongst best man of crises like Javed Miadad, Imran Khan etc.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: West Indies badly thrashed Pakistan. I am not harsh on team as country situation is like this. By playing like club team, Pakistani players confirmed that they are causing awareness of bad law and order situation in Pakistan.
A country divided in many languages, Baradaris (family cast system) and religious sects, there is a lot disintegration and hate politics. God finish torture on us.
There is severe criticism of Pakistan defeat against West Indies. Captain Misbah-ul-Haq presented a strange excuse that our players cannot adjust to pitches in Australia. All world teams are playing on it. I remember history that only few of Pakistani players played well on Australian pitches. In our college age, we use to play on 15-yard cement pitches with tennis tape ball. Ball use to come very fast with high bounce. We use to say it Perth. Within few years, our timing to hit the ball became exceptional.
Cricket Coach behind the screen!
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: I can let any weaker team win matches for my fee during the whole world-cup. I do not say that I can do any magic but I can make a difference. Sometimes little edge can let any team win matches or at least play better. It is not possible that UAE defeat Australia but they can play better cricket. I can work from home to work behind the screen. Make me official if you find me useful.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: India vs. South Africa pre-prediction: Making 300 plus runs had never been easy so India wins here if they bowl well. Same rule apply in these condition. I wonder why teams think that they can easily chase big totals. 90,000 people crowed in Melbourne Cricket Ground, the MCG. 80,000 are Indians. Indians are smart nation to settle in warm gold land of Australia, full of opportunities i.e. 3.2 person per square kilometer.
Thus, my prediction proved true which I made at the start of 2nd inning. Facebook records will verify my predictions. More to come in big matches!
Former Minister Babar Awan briefed Pakistani TV channel regarding official expenses, salaries and benefits of Pakistani cricketers. He told that cricketer’s salaries and expenses are much higher than senior civil and military bureaucracy official’s expenses. He told that Pakistan cricket board spent 4,280 million rupees during last four years to make one runs for four wickets! He emphasized that cricketers should face accountability and trial on their worst performance. Should such a poor nation give such luxuries to their cricketers and cricket board officials for such a bad international performance that has no excuse?
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: West Indies vs. South Africa: AB de Villiers fastest 150 runs ever (162 in just 66 balls). I have never seen such an inning during my life like park sixes in big ground like Sydney cricket ground SCG. My son play PC EA Sports video cricket games like this i.e. 34 runs in one over. Total 408 is surely winning total. I know how to get AB de Villiers out within 30 scores. I can tell tips for small fee. Try me and succeed!
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Pakistan easily defeated cricket baby United Arab Emirates, the UAE. Pakistan real test would be it’s match against South Africa on Saturday. Next two matches are very important, as winning next two matches will give Pakistan easy team in the Quarter Finals. Pakistan should have included Saeed Ajmal and Mohammad Hafeez. I consider injuries as excuse as you see no other great player is ever got unfit during important world cup matches. Offer is valid for any team.

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