Pain Ray & Hidden Weapons Torture Crime in Lahore Pakistan

Tahir Jamil 2-Chaman Park Nayya Pull, Main Canal Bank Road Mughalpura Lahore

While Pakistanis are living great happy & prosperous lives in Pakistan & even in foreign countries, I am so unfortunate that I have been suffering hidden weapons pain ray torture at my city of birth Lahore in my own country for more than a decade. These tortures are hateful fundamentalist and extremist people. They are above law cruel people. Please help me get rid of this inhuman extra judicial persecution! Torturers here do not let me sleep properly at night. Every night, torturers arouse me from sleep one or more times during night by pain ray or jerk shock weapons. My life is in danger. It is like murder open attempt or slow poisoning. Long-term use of this torture cause murder.

See the greatest people in the world are those who rescue innocent people. I request all great people and institutions to rescue my life. I am giving reference of my relatives & people in the building. I request authorities to stop this torture against me and arrest these cruel criminals on murder attempt charges. Please finish religious fundamentalism, hate crimes, religious linguistic intolerance, and extremism from Pakistan. I request Prime Minister Imran Khan and PTI government and contentious government official to take conclusive measure to rescue me, abolish this torture and seize such dangerous weapons. I am innocent armless civilian who never committed any crime. I have been working against extremism, fundamentalism, and crimes by my writings since the year 2000. I have been working for peace for long time. Being a writer and journalist, I face such a horrible torture. I am sure that anyone who rescue me from torture should get noble peace prize if not me! Pakistan should ensure fundamental rights and civil liberties. It is revealed in all holy books that God does not love the oppressors & cruel people. Even if they live good life in this world they will be badly punished in the world hereafter.
I am writing about my relatives and people who live with us. They may help understand and stop this crime. We are living in small portion on 2nd floor in our aunt home. Tenants live in the first floor. They have Kamran brothers shop at Shah Alam Market Lahore. My Uncle family who are home owners are residing in the ground floor. They are well-established united family. My aunty has four married sons. My cousin Ali Ahmad who is living here is working as GM at Comsats Lahore. My 2nd cousin, Doctor Akkad Rafiq is senior doctor at Benazir medical hospital Mirpur Azad Kashmir. My brother Aftab Ahmad Khan (their sister husband) is senior officer in Nielsen USA at Riyadh. Third cousin Shahzad Ahmad is Sr. Engineer in Con Edison URS Corp Tampa, Florida USA. My 4th cousin Ammad Ahmed is Project Engineer at Saudi Aramco.