Crime prevention, better aptitude and criminal mentality

Crime Prevention struggle, crime prevention methods, community safety

It is story of my crime prevention struggle. In order to prevent crimes, we should learn prevention methods for community safety. Crime prevention is a great attitude which can prevent crimes significantly. In my childhood I learnt that criminals are often arrested in Western countries because of their society who report crimes collectively. It is the most needed attitude. All respect must be given to law-abiding citizens. Posts and employees should be evaluated by their conduct. Even a judge should not be spared if he or she commits crime. As we see in movies, there are criminals in government officers, police and even in judiciary. However, many of them prevent crimes. Thus most important thing is correct attitude towards law.

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I hated crimes from my childhood. Especially, I hated murders and murderers because depriving someone from his or her life is the biggest crime. Here in Lahore, I observed criminal mentality of many people. Other who do not commit crimes watch crimes silently without stopping or reporting crimes. This attitude is like supporting criminals.
People commit crimes or think of committing crimes by using different excuses and pretexts. By the response of mind readers and harassment makers, I learnt that they think of committing crimes by merely reading thoughts. Many gave me threats of committing crimes against me or my family. It is around the clock voice harassment. It is gang to man marking. There is have extreme hatred in them. They spread hatred and cause conflicts. They use shameless humiliating words.
It is due to lack of education. They should get better moral education. It is type of mania. In my view they are agitation patients who should use any medicine from Benzodiazepine group of medicines. However, few of them are good who help in preventing crimes.
Murder is considered as the number one crime against humanity. Of course eliminating an innocent person from this world is a big a cruelty. I hate a mere act of murder and never killed a sparrow in my life.
Many international films and movies fight against murderers by developing an idea of ghost of innocent people. These ghosts kill murderers in a thrilling, dramatic and gratifying manner. Unfortunately, this is not true in the real world where often murderers live at the cost of innocent people. Often murderers are powerful people. Will there be any action against a big politician, an influential official or a billionaire business person if he or she kills anyone? Preemptive strike against murderers is a good idea because such a strike can save lives of many innocent people.