Stalking, brain hacking, mind hacking, electronic stalking mind control

This article provide useful information about stalking, mind hacking, brain hacking and electronic stalking mind control. By definition, stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group towards another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them.
Brain exploitation is the worst exploitation. Brain is your fundamental intellectual property. Unfortunately, there are no international or national laws so people could save themselves from unwanted unauthorized brain access. I am unhappy with brain hacking and stalking.
Brain is first intellectual property of human beings. Brain hacking or brain exploitation involves listening of brain thoughts and signals by various devices in order to know other person’s secrets and knowledge. Government secret agencies are known to use these devices so still these devices are considered as state or company secret so not publicly known or not commercially available.
Today morning stalkers speak that you give every secret of mind readers. I strongly believe that telling truth is important part of reforming society. Tonight, I suffered mind exploitation that I use to face during examination preparations. It is the right reason that I say Pakistan is unjustly state where I never get equal opportunities. In this brain exploitation, mind controllers do not let brain take rest and by image implant tech, display such bad dreams e.g. you could not reach to your paper in examination or you get failed in examination.
Mind control or bad dream rays are as powerful as mobile phone signals. It can reach to safely closed rooms. Bad dream technology show you pre-configured idea implant powerful dreams. I have been facing this torture for last 25 years. I experienced it during my B.Sc., M.Sc., CSS and PCS examination papers during our stay at Tarbela Dam but they were never been so consistent and hard as they are during last 12 years of my stay in Lahore.