Fact-sheet of Pakistan Elections 2018

Facts of Pakistan Elections 2018

Due to Pakistan General Elections 2018, such government will come to power who will rule Pakistani people for 5 years. Five years is a long time. Consider all these factors before casting your vote. Vote such political party which promise ensuring below given public demands.
1- People need such government which reduce direct taxes like sales tax which effect population at large, rich or poor. PML-N government increased direct taxes to this level that people pay 25 rupees on 100 rupees mobile recharge, commodity purchase and pay 10 percent tax on profit of national saving certificate.
2- Increase in price of electricity and petrol cause general increase in prices. PML-N government many times promised to reduce petrol & electricity prices but further increased it during their tenure.
3- There is a general price hike. Good quality cooking oil & Milk Pack etc. prices have reached to very high levels.
4- International bodies and State bank of Pakistan many times emphasis shortage of houses in Pakistan. PML-N Government announced housing schemes like Apna Ghar Housing scheme and Ashiana housing schemes proved fraud due to corruption.
5- A large number of middle class population of Pakistan who cannot invest in property due to very high prices, invest in Pakistan government national saving schemes. Profit rates reached to the lowest level during Nawaz Sharif government. There is almost no profit when we consider, inflation, price hike and rupee devaluation in Pakistan. It is important that government rely on internal borrowing as it is win-win approach for the people and government of Pakistan. Money remains in the country and taxes are paid o profit. Government can attract a large number of investors by considerably increasing profit rates. In this way, people who invest in property will turn to National Savings investment schemes.
6- Being a highly experienced IT professional & web designer by profession, I was neither provided employment despite number of requests, nor I get good work from rich foreign countries like USA. PML-N government never tried to provide work to those who are earning foreign exchange by remittance. Although foreign government policies became strict but Pakistani government could have negotiated with them.