Matrimonial: Man or Husband for Marriage from Lahore Pakistan

I need noble and beautiful women for second marriage. I need noble, honest, beautiful and independent girl for marriage from peace loving family. Age up to 38. Contract is flexible and negotiable. She can live with me or I can live with her. Her age up to 38. No compulsion of any religion or nationality. Mobile, WhatsApp, imo: +92-312-6891000
Full Details:
I am safe life partner. Love begets love. I believe in fair deals, commitments and agreements. I never break my promises.
I am around six feet tall having muscular broad shoulder body. I believe in highest levels of personal cleanliness or hygiene. I like clean and decent people. I have worldly and spiritual knowledge and I can make people and businesses successful. I am honest person and I have explained everything truthfully. Mature men can keep girls and families safer and they could manage business and affairs in a better manner. Therefore, by the blessings of God pros include, good education, athletic body figure, intelligence, abilities, health, hardworking potential & pleasant humor. I like tension free environment and express my regret to hard girls or families. Life span is short time. In no time we get old and eventually die. I believe perfect people exist in this world but few people could find good partners.
I am computer programmer, accountant and investor too. I am very good in managing business, homes, women and families. I can cook delicious foods. On bed, I am fit like athletes. I love shopping so I am expert of budget shopping. I like tourism especially of landscape and natural sceneries. Giving good environment and education to my two children is my duty and a noble deed. Even if I leave my first wife, I need to manage their finances and education.