Marry for love or money which is more important

Often people wonder whether love or money is more important in life. I married for love leaving money. In my view love is great blessing in this world as mostly men and women prefer money and wealth. In my wide experience, love is scarce thing in this world as those who hate considerably outnumber to those who love humanity. Even in Islamist men and women, I witnessed that they hate wine and sex but when it comes to money they never stop collecting wealth. So, love is hope for many. For example, people give everything to their children due to their love while only good children care about their parents.
I married a poor girl and preferred love over rich and high status families. However, it did not prove bed of roses. I did not get any support in my life other than my father inheritance so I am self-made person. Love marriage did not prove success for me as my wife shouts on me. However, it is spiritual satisfaction for me that I a feeding three members of my family who are entirely dependent on me.
Many greats tell that love is the greatest force in this world. Many Bollywood and other movies and TV actors, actresses are billionaires due to their love movies but in real life many only value money. You can think of many such examples. They are right too. Very realistically money makes life better than partner do. Many times I sensed it.
Although I faced many difficulties due to my lifelong unemployment, I think love is best option for employed and rich people. I never had any love affair during my whole life except my marriage. Casual or short encounters have some value in life.
Hence it looks that money is the most important factor than love in this world. However, there are many exceptions. There are hundreds of people who prefer lover over money. I myself married in very poor family due to my choice leaving the offers of very rich families. However, it is not easy when you come to practical life. You lack any support or status. Nevertheless, many of my friends told that money comes to people owing to their destiny from God thus marrying a poor spouse does not matter.
Now I will write few funny experiences. I saw and met many girls to whom I wished to marry but I did not get time or courage to trace them. Sometimes I see girls to whom I like but I am reserve man for keeping my honor.

Marry for love or money, love or money which is more important

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