Benefits of listening to music

Benefits of listening to music, Music quotes, Music education

These are my music quotes. It explains benefits & joy of listening music. Music education, schools are getting popular.

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Music has no language. Good music can be understood by its music and rhythm. Good music is a joy forever. It promotes global love, friendship & freedom. In my view music listeners are not as hard people or music make people softer. Top class music fill soul with pleasure. I like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga songs.
Some consensus TV channels which all of our family watch are Discovery TV, HBO and Masti Music channel and Bollywood awards. In my childhood I liked signer Nazia Hassan & Zohaib Hassan songs. During her short life she sung few songs. She had one of the softest voices in the world.
For years, I have using VLC player. It is great video player. Yesterday I downloaded KMPlayer and noticed great audio quality like Car Stereo Deck. So, I shifted my 240 hours music playlist to KMPlayer but it stuck unlike VLC which cache folder very well.

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Bollywood songs are source of pleasure. I once again listened Michael Jackson songs after his death. He was really a world class singer. I often miss music due to my busy schedule. Last week I got the time to search some music. I liked Kesha album, the Ke$ha – Tik Tok.
On the birth anniversary of Jagjit Singh, I pay my tribute and blessings for Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh; who sung sweetest Urdu Ghazals ever sung. With the rise of pop and Hindi songs, there were few patrons of classical Urdu music in India. I am great music listening expert and judge. Empire of The Sun – We Are the People (Shapeshifters Remix) is nice song.

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