Pain ray guns Active Denial System torture & violence in Lahore Pakistan

Last updated on July 17, 2017

It is my story of pain ray guns (Active Denial System) torture & violence on innocent civilians in Lahore Pakistan. Torturers say that such torture is also present in United States of America. So, it is some sort of response or revenge. Nonlethal weapons like ‘pain rays’ and Tasers are controversial and usually criticized by human rights groups. Pakistan always criticize cruelties in Indian part of Kashmir & Israeli controlled areas but why Pakistani government do not stop torture on innocent people in their own country.
Stalker here do not let me sleep properly at night. Every night, they arouse me from sleep before morning prayer call or at any other time at night by high intensity pain ray. Whether they are Islamic extremists who are forcing Islam on me or corrupt officials, it is bad torture. Stalker speak that USA and India cast these rays from satellite. It looks big lie. Why USA will torture me as I consider America as my own dear country like Pakistan. I am not enemy of Indians but like peaceful relations with India.
It is story of one of the longest torture crimes and violence in history of humankind. Very sadly, slavery still exist openly in the 21st century and there is no rescue. Still slavery and torture badly persist in this 21st century. I have been facing torture and persecution at this place for last 14 years but there is no rescue or heed.
Torturers belongs to larger forces that work around Lahore. They are above law cruel people. Unfortunately, while Muslims are living nice lives in Western countries, it is very difficult to live in Pakistan for people like me.
There are number of pain ray weapons, announced or unannounced. Some laser devices are easily available in market.You can find some on the below given link or on internet search engines by searching these terms.
10 shocking and bizarre weapons
Many times, I am aroused from sleep by bad pain ray torture very early morning late night. I did not learn about any Pakistani complaining about such torture. I do not know who these torturers are but they have made Pakistan a Torturistan!
Pakistan should ensure fundamental rights and civil liberties. Worst thing is this that terrorists or criminal somehow bypass security but peaceful citizens face difficulties. It is bad that no country especially Pakistan did not care about my services. Reward is another thing at least give me basic rights.
First of all, I want to tell that I am really unhappy to write all these facts but I want to get rid of this torture. Today once again I am jerked to arouse from sleep during night. No country torture such people who mind their work and raise their children. I am limited to my home & family. Other than internet, physically, I am not part of any group or association, not even legal; cannot perceive illegal.
On YouTube, I watched many videos, in which various USA TV channels conducted experiments to see people’s immediate response on violence. In most cases, people risk their own lives to rescue the person who is facing torture. In our childhood and youth, we are told that people in USA, Britain and Europe are indifferent and senseless. However, when I grow up, I see that many people in Pakistan are also senseless. Here Lahore I have been facing pain ray and mind control torture for almost a decade. I am thankful to those great people and my well-wishers who provided me support, over the years, condemned, and cursed these torturers. Torturers are hard people and no disease or accident come to them. It means God let cruel people do crimes and there is no punishment for them in this world but they will be punished in the world hereafter.
Torturers of Lahore disturb sleep by bad pain rays, bad dreams and jerks. Why Pakistan is the hardest place to live. Why these people in Lahore are so cruel people? We cannot sleep peacefully in Pakistan. How to get justice? See the greatest people in world are those who rescue innocent people. Pakistan also need such people. Why my own dear country gave me such a horribly hard life, really a hell as I am slave of primitive age. Where is fault line? Pakistan, Islam or people? Is same thing happened if there been no division of India during 1947? I tell you the reason. Corrupt people and gangs have made their strongholds in Lahore.
Pakistan should not be a fascist totalitarian state. Anyone who speak for friendship with India or USA are traitor in their eyes. Such people killed many tolerant journalists in Pakistan. Such people declared many great Pakistanis as traitor including Malala Yousafzai.