Fake degrees & certificates in Pakistan & parliamentarians

It is investigated that a large numbers of employees in Pakistan are using fake degrees and certificates. During previous years, fake degree scandal of Pakistani parliamentarians became world news.
Fake degree scandal of Pakistani parliamentarians has thrilled the media and Pakistani nation. How shameless is this that fake degree holders have reached to the highest offices in the country. It also implies that there would be thousands of other employees in Pakistan having fake degrees. Education has reached to this level in Pakistan that Master degree holders are applying for the post of peon in government departments while many fake degree holder parliamentarians are ruling the country.
Pakistani national, provincial assemblies and Senate members fake degrees increased to 43 up to this time while large numbers of assembly members degrees are not verified yet. It is shame that these members of assembly ruled Pakistan for around three years with these fake degrees. These assembly members should return all the high salaries and perks which they got from the government of Pakistan during these years. Reliable sources told that there are tens of thousands of government employees who have fake degrees. You can imagine the influence of these fake degree makers by the fact that I am intimidated not to write on fake degrees issue.
Other independent reports informed that scores of Pakistani parliamentarians may lose their seats for allegedly lying about their academic credentials. Many are said to have claimed fake degrees to meet a previous requirement for holding office.
Lahore High Court’s Rawalpindi Bench has declared PML-N MPA Yasir Raza as ineligible in a fake degree case and ordered re-election in PP-13. Ishtiaq Mirza filed a petition contending that Yasir’s Matric, FA and BA degrees are fake. The court today concluding the hearing declared Yasir as ineligible having fake degree of BA. Analysts say many candidates apparently submitted fake degree papers to qualify for those races. Many of the potentially fake degrees appear to have been claimed from Islamic seminaries, whose degrees are considered equivalent to a bachelor’s in Pakistan. Other parliamentarians, however, claim to have earned bachelors, Ph.D.s or master’s degrees from institutions whose existence is difficult to verify. One of the more unusual cases involved a provincial lawmaker, Rana Mubashir Iqbal. He recently resigned after accusations that he submitted a bachelor’s degree from Punjab University that had been awarded to another man by the same name.
Published on: Jun 30, 2010 @ 09:15

Fake degree & certificate in Pakistan & Pakistani Parliamentarians