Pay Zakat, pay Zakat online, donate your Zakat to needy

Pay your Zakat to needy people and out of school children. Your Zakat, charity & funding goes to deserving people. Muslims philanthropist founded a charity welfare organization
I noted that Muslims pay charity, Zakat & funding. Although Madrasas, Shrines & foundations are covered but many deserving people are left.
I did some personal investigation to know where Muslim’s Islamic charity funding goes. Often I noted that Islamists in Pakistan or people of rich Islamic Arab countries do not help moderate Muslims as we never get web services work from these countries neither they help in children’s school education.
Good amount come from rich Islamic countries. Large amount of money is spent on construction of mosques, mosque & Imam expenses, running of Madrasas (Islamic teaching schools) and charity free food on shrines like Data Darbar Lahore.
It is important need that rich Islamist understand that charity is noble deed if spent on noble causes like education and welfare websites. Providing livelihood is itself a greatest noble deed.


Pay zakat, pay zakat online, donate your zakat, charity & funding to needy